Can varicose veins go away?

No, varicose veins don't go away on their own, but there are a lot of things you can do to make them less noticeable without a lot of makeup. If you've stopped wearing shorts in summer or avoid showing your legs at all, this is good news. Spider veins usually disappear in 3 to 6 weeks.

Varicose veins

take 3 to 4 months.

For best results, you may need 2 or 3 treatments. A dermatologist can perform these treatments during an office visit. A healthcare provider injects varicose veins with a solution or foam that scarring and closes those veins. Within a few weeks, the treated varicose veins should disappear.

The same vein may need to be injected more than once. Sclerotherapy doesn't require anesthesia and can be done in a healthcare provider's office. Aesthetically, varicose veins are definitely not permanent. When we treat a varicose vein, its appearance should fade over time and eventually disappear.

To diagnose varicose veins, your healthcare provider might recommend a test called a venous Doppler ultrasound of the leg. This is a type of laser treatment that uses energy to cauterize (burn) and seal varicose veins, and then the body redirects blood to another vein. As the vein stretches, the valves that keep the blood moving in one direction in the vein can't work as they should. This is an advanced medical adhesive that seals varicose veins and effectively redirects blood to nearby healthy veins.

Talk to your healthcare provider about safe, minimally invasive treatments that can reduce pain and improve the appearance of varicose veins. You're more likely to have varicose veins reappear if you're obese or lead a sedentary lifestyle. All of the doctors at Inova Vein are board-certified surgeons who focus exclusively on first-class vein care. Larger spider veins and varicose veins will darken and you'll likely see them for 1 to 3 months before they go away.

This simple treatment for varicose veins involves wearing tight tights or socks to prevent blood from accumulating in the veins in the legs. Whether you're seeking treatment for varicose veins for cosmetic or medical reasons (both are totally valid), you've probably wondered if those large, twisted veins ever go away on their own. Varicose vein treatment may include self-care measures, compression stockings, and surgeries or procedures. This is a condition associated with varicose veins in which the veins in the legs have problems returning blood to the heart.

Spider veins, which can surround varicose veins, are smaller red or purple lines that appear close to the surface of the skin. If you're worried about how your varicose veins look or if they're uncomfortable, treatments can help.

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